“When I Heard Dame Darcy Sing ‘Naked Ladies Race'”

Tell ya what! So, um, this toon by the Dame, well,
When this dame starts with her sangin…
With this one she can’t help but sing it
Over-sing it
Spinnin round & twirlin over…

Throwin up
& over.
Uh, Rover? Hold-her-

O, one, two, three free Yes, for days! She sings steeper
In whirls deeper
For days & Spinnin-inn-magic-carpet-cadence…
O, rounda-rounda-rounda-


(nonkilter)O, the Dame’s real gone…
Away with that SONG!!

O, she can’t help sing it
Over four exact

O, would only it feign to fall
—fall far-far deeper.
O, deeper in its genie
Carpet cadence…
Half kilter…(unkilter)…
In orbits (ex kilter)…
Ellipses round-
A shifting ghost center…
Why, uh, she’s like uhhhhhhhhhhhh—
Le pirouetter! (?!?!?!?!?!)
O, um, she didn’t even EAT!
Listen, she’s odd; slap-happy

In thee living end.
Hark, I thinks this chestnut’s
Finally nears its end.
No. O, Dizzy Darcy Megan
Sang again! So, she’d STILL
Be twirling NOW if she hadn’t
Laughed out loud
Inside uv the fadeout.
Dame Darcy Sanger!
Yr Nazi Neighbor
Brung his anger &
A sparkly, festive tiki torch! (?!)(

(Um…kick him off the freakin porch.)Now then there went:

            La sorcière artistique la plus délicieuse et libidinale.

            Un pirate chaud et vigoureux (oui! oui!)

            Une belle sirène nymphomane à la beauté

Be Sure To Pay A Visit To Dame Darcy’s Web Home For News About Her Art & Timeless Beauty. And For Upcoming Public Appearances!


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