In a little corner of this thrift-store-head

A something wonderful is trying to tell me

What’s her deal.

Some God had a novel idea; no hidden agenda.

Nothing up his sleeve. 

He was so full up of

Pure concentrated joy.

Compelled him to create

A being of pure love and gentle Reason.

A nurturing kindness,

And the brightest

White Light Beauty

Ever, and ever

From her is emanating.

She had two smiles

Perfect lips-smile.

Two-eyes-green; they grin!!!!

No lie! No sin.

I believe in her.

I thought she might be real.

I can only imagine

The love she has given all; free to all.

Yes–even bad ones; unholy fuckers what feed on shame.

But I’m low-born; known to scorn.

I’m one more damned.

I believe in her, so 

That she can’t be real.

I feel she spoke to me

And I thought I—did I speak to her?

Half-asleep now; it’s all a blur.

I am dreaming.

I can finally see her alive!

All light! All love!

She walks right through me.

Believe me. Straight through me.

A thing as me sure has some nerve.

I tell ya.



©2017  teagown


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