Classical Indie Rock Fan Fiction

Mar 05, 2019
R C TOTTENHAM FEE $00.50 1537225977
Mar 05, 2019
R C TOTTENHAM FEE $00.50 1537242781

The Cape Cod Coop is seemingly intent on burying me in usurious debt. On top of overdraft and charge off or what have you now you are double paying what was a one time transfer to my mother R**** Tottenham. I manage to scrape by miraculously on a meager social security disability monthly check. But the Coop should be ashamed of the gratuitous “fees” charged for doing me the favor of paying my personal bills unsolicited. It is not a service or a favor provided to me in lieu of a “dreaded overdraft fee” when in the end I am STILL PENALIZED AND CHARGED HEFTY FINES WITHOUT GETTING MY PERMISSION TO BE MY BENEVOLENT…”COOPERATIVE?” LOAN SHARK. IN CASE I AM COMNG ACROSS RATHER OBLIQUELY I AM EXTREMELY UNHAPPY AND VIGOUROUSLY UN-COOPERATIVE AT THE MOMENT IN MY 1200 a month 10 x 10 “studio” apartment which currently is unheated.
Das vadanya, comrades! Alas, I shall cooperate no more…
Your fellow traveler,
Patrick “Trotsky” Tottenham

Das vadanya, CCCOOP!


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